Don Giacomazzi is the Grene Wode's "gentleman farmer" owner and manager. He takes care of the daily care and maintenance of the property, starting his day at dawn with the morning feed and not finishing till well after dark: there's always more to do on a horse farm! Don's committment to the health and well-being of the horses in his care is exemplary, and his straight-forward approach when handling them instills confidence and even affection. The pocket full of treats probably helps. He rides Zorica, the Belgian mare.

 Briana Hedge's training background has been heavily focused on retraining ex-racehorses. She worked for several years making safe and comfortable lesson horses and show mounts out of off-the-track Thoroughbreds. She is rapidly developing an appreciateion for the solid minds and athletic aptitudes of the heavy and heavy-cross horses of the Grene Wode!

She has an appreciation for all-rounders, and takes the time to expose her horses to many different stimuli with the same quiet confidence in order to reassure them that their trust in her is not misplaced. Teaching owners how to maintain their calm and project it to their horses is a key talent.

Nervous horses respond to her calmness and consistent handling, and her obvious affection for them as individuals, regardless of their athletic potential. Briana is also an avid observer of equine communication, and enjoys opening those insights to her clients.

She rides Baldr, the Paint Standardbred gelding, and Tascha, the petite Percheron mare.

 Shelley Muntau is an EC Certified English I coach. and teaches riders to establish solid fundamental skills and broaden their understanding of the foundations of good riding and training.

She rides dressage on Kinchasa (Finn), her 14 year old Oldenburg gelding.