A group lesson in the large outdoor arena

The Grene Wode is pleased to offer basic horsemanship and riding lessons for all ages and sizes, of both horse and rider. All students will learn safe on-the-ground practices for catching, leading, grooming and tacking, as well as the principles of riding. While we specialise in English, good riding skills are transferable to any type of saddle.

Lesson Rates:

  • $40/session

Group* rates (2 or more riders - Group composition is at the discretion of the instructors.)

  •  $35/rider

We occasionally offer lesson packages for discounted rates: please feel free to discuss that with Briana. In addition, we offer regular clinics with a range of instructors. Payment is due before the lesson: we can offer receipts after each lesson, or on a monthly basis. 

 There is no age limit on learning!We have students as young as 6, all the way to grandmothers. Our range of lesson horses and experience as instructors allows us to offer instruction to all shapes, sizes and levels of experience, from the nervous beginner to the seasoned horse owner. 

Horseback riding is an excellent low-impact physical exercise, and we welcome "plus-sized" riders and those with minor mobility issues to explore the benefits of our program. 

Before your lesson:

All riders should dress in comfortable, weather-appropriate  clothing, (not bulky) that allows freedom of movement to use arms; pants that allow the legs and waist to bend comfortably; boots with a firm, 1-inch heel; and an ASTM-certified riding helmet. While the Grene Wode has a few helmets to loan for beginning students, we highly recommend that a committed student obtain their own well-fitted helmet in their preferred style. Long hair should be braided or tied back at the nape of the neck, in order to not interfere with the helmet.

For insurance purposes, all riders are required to sign a waiver (parent or legal guardian must sign for their child) prior to handling the horses.

We ask that riders arrive no less than a half hour before their scheduled lesson time in order to prepare their horse. The first lessons may take longer, as the beginner must be familiarised with many aspects of horse handling and care before mounting. For the first lessons, these aspects will be actively taught, and later sessions overseen by the instructor, with the eventual goal of the student being able to prep their horse correctly and efficiently by themselves.

Please also allow for at least fifteen minutes to care for your mount and gear after your lesson. We work to instill a sense of stewardship for the horses, tools, tack and our facility in our students, so all are expected to take care of things and clean up after themselves.

Our watchwords of  "I have time" apply equally well to horses and students. Progress is determined by each individual's correctness and confidence at each stage: while all learn from the same curriculum, there is no set pace at which they must progress. A great deal may be learned by watching other lessons, asking questions during your lesson times, and by self-directed study of the materials recommended by our instructors. 

What to Expect:

The instructors will take time to know what your past history is with riding/horses and your goals. From this, we will then assess your level of experience by watching your initial ride, and customise your curriculum to suit your skills and goals.