The Grene Wode's horse care philosophy is to provide a safe herd environment, with 24/7 access to good-quality forage and fresh water. We feed forage balancing supplements daily, and take regular opportunities to check blankets, put on or remove flymasks (as appropriate to the season and weather), and check over each horse.

Our pasture and run system was designed to promote free movement between feeding and loafing areas, for optimum physical and mental health. Most horses prefer the social structure of the herd, and we watch the dynamics within the herd closely to prevent injury. As we expand our facility, we are enlarging the runs and pastures, and improving the footing of the high-traffic areas for all-weather comfort for our horses.

We provide individual care for horses in recovery from injury or in need of weight, and have a superb record bringing underweight horses back up to good condition, customising feed and forage to each horse's needs.

We have an excellent relationship with both local veterinary clinics and with Diane Kubas, our barefoot trimmer. We highly recommend their services.


For the Horse:

  • 12 x 12 three-sided shelter with crush footing, some with enclosed paddocks attached.
  • individual hay nets and feed buckets in the shelters, for inclement weather
  • daily, all-weather turn-out
  • large pasture with controlled herd situation
  • regular turnout onto well-maintained strip pastures for free grazing
  • several sheltered feeding and loafing areas
  • free access to water and forage
  • daily feeding for dietary supplementation

For the Owner:

  • 30' round pen
  • 60 x 120' sand indoor arena, with lights
  • 90x280' well-drained sand outdoor arena
  • dedicated tack and grooming areas
  • mown-grass meadow trails on the property
  • near access to local trails
  • knowledgeable, on-site trainers and instructors

 In addition we have lounges, halls and classroom space for rent, several large fields for out-of-the-arena events and playdays, and are very flexible in helping your club create the environment needed for your special events or clinics. 


We currently have room for three horses. Please contact: Briana at 604-720-5402, or email [email protected]

 We are now accepting riding clubs to rent the arenas for events. Please contact us for details.