About Us

The Grene Wode is a medieval-themed, non-competitive boarding and lesson facility. Our primary concern is the health and well-being of the horses, and the safety and growth of learning of our riders. We welcome riders of all levels, sizes and ranges of experience: if you are looking for a welcoming and low-pressure place to board or ride, we may have what you are looking for!

We maintain a small herd of horses, board and lesson horses all moving together between forage and water stations, and supplement their forage with care, monitoring each horse's weight and general health, and adjusting to suit their different workloads. We have had excellent success bringing horses back up to healthy weight.

Our instructors are careful to maintain industry safety standards, and bring students along at their own pace, instead of pushing them to meet competitive goals, or shoehorn them into a specific level or style. Our goal is correct and safe education of horses and riders, and we take the time to ensure the basics of safe handling and riding are understood and ingrained. 

We host regular clinics with certified industry professionals, and are happy to consider your event, clinic or workshop as well, for very reasonable fees.